Crafted Right Here in Lawrence.

Hi, I’m May. Before the world changed drastically in the summer of 2020, I was the CFO of the Southwick Apparel Company, an apparel factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was tasked with closing down the facility, which had been a home away from home for our factory workers for decades. Many of our highly-skilled sewers had worked at the factory since they landed in the U.S., having left their families and friends behind in search of a better future for the next generation.

On one of our final days of operations in Haverhill, I came upon an older Vietnamese woman on the factory floor, distraught and in tears. She had come to Haverhill after living in a refugee camp for years, and her worst fear of not being able to support her family was becoming a reality. The factory had been her place to meet others like her, provide for her family, and be accepted. Where would she go now that the factory was shutting down?

Her story has stayed with me and continues to drive me. Today, I’m proud to be writing from our new factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, surrounded by our phenomenal team of master craftsmen.

Our new brand of dress trousers, LawrenceTrousers, was named after the city that was once home to all of the mills in the Merrimack Valley.

LawrenceTrousers brings you the very best of what we do – crafting premium-quality products that are MadeToFit right here in the U.S. We hope you love them!