What is MadeToFit?

Every pair of Lawrence Trousers is MadeToFit, meaning we take the extra steps to make sure our products not only look and feel the part today, but will continue to do so as you live in them.

  •  Expert Craftsmanship

    Expert Craftsmanship

    Our 71-step process includes perfectly crafted seams (straight and clean, with no loose threads or stitches), reinforced, evenly spaced buttons, and tailored pockets for a clean silhouette.

  •  Premium Fabrics

    Premium Fabrics

    Our high-quality Italian Wools lie silky on skin. Our tightly woven and combed Cottons are breathable and comfortable.

  •  Quality Tailoring

    Quality Tailoring

    Our products are expertly pressed and individually inspected for irregularities and imperfections. Any loose threads are trimmed and cleaned for a perfect finish.