Proudly American-Made.

Our mission, since day one, has been to empower and create well paying jobs in low-income American communities while preserving master craftsmanship.

Meet Our Craftsmen.

Impeccable tailoring is no accident. Meet our seamstresses, pressers, and tailors who make it happen.

  • Josefina P Making Trousers for the US Army or Couture Trousers

    Meet Josefina P.

    Master seamstress with over 20 years in experience in Men's tailored clothing. Whether making trousers for the US Army or couture trousers for the luxury brands, Josefina loves her craft. She takes pride and pours her heart into every stitch that goes into our trousers. She says that a piece of her happiness goes into every trousers she makes.

  • Responsible Person for Inline Pressing of Trouser

    Meet Hoang V.

    Xin Chao,

    Our inline & final pressing guru with 15+ years of experience in fine garments. Vu is responsible for the 9 steps of inline pressing required for the precise assembly of our trousers. His skill in the art of the final press is the reason for the finished look of our trousers when they arrive at your door.

  • Guadalupe M- Skilled Tailor and Strives for the Highest Quality

    Meet Guadalupe M.

    Buenos Dias,

    Our skilled tailor who continuously strives for the highest quality. She sweats the small stuff before they turn into big things. Her attention to detail is the reason we are proud of our well-constructed rise, reinforced seat seam and comfortable and elegant waistbands. She stands behind the quality that we are proud to call LawrenceTrousers.